Flower Arrangements



Flowers are arranged in water retaining foam (oasis) which is secured in a container, usually a concealed plastic saucer or a coloured zinc pot. There are different shapes you can choose from. 

Posies are round in shape and gradually raised in the centre. They are perfect for a table centre or for being placed on a side table, as the flowers can be viewed from every angle. They are sure to brighten up a dinner table or look pretty on a smaller side table. 

Modern arrangement which are tall, upright designs, just perfect for a smaller side table or a table centre especially where space on the table is limited. Modern arrangements usually include flowers which are known for their striking appearance. 

Traditional Front Facing a triangle shape arrangement with a flat back so it can sit on a side cabinet. This is a traditional design, but also a popular one as it shows all the flowers at the front of the design, so it creates an impressive display. 

The arrangements are a suitable gift for all occasions and are totally already arranged so all the recipient needs to do is to add water every now and again.